Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Favourite bloggers

I think if I had to narrow it down, Zoe would probably be my all time favourite blogger. I check her blog daily and make sure I'm always up to date with her posts. She definitely is one of the most down to Earth bloggers you will ever come across. I adore how she doesn't try to pull the wool over people's eyes and pretend she has, as she puts it, a Pinterest life. It's real, it's likable and more importantly- it's appreciated. With this, she experiments with some of the most awesome hair colours and she has crackin' music taste. What isn't to love?

I'm not sure where to start with Victoria. She's talented, gorgeous, a little brain box and a fellow Northerner- she has it all. Back on my old blog way back when me and Victoria were actually following each other (internet bragging rights) and we had both started our blogs around the same time. I unfortunately lost all motivation but Inthefrow has spiraled into a phenomenon and I couldn't be more pleased for someone. To watch her grow from the very beginning and to see how far she has come is inspirational and I'm genuinely so happy for her. Victoria really does deserve everything she has achieved.. and more! Her blog has always been so aesthetically pleasing too. From the beautifully captured photographs to her flawless theme, she really makes me want to add a bit of colour to my life. If only I suited baby pink!

One of the first blogs I ever followed was Thunder and Threads and I'm still as in love with it as I was back then. I find myself to have similarities with Leanne through sense of clothing, love for the dead and her best attribute being she's opinionated and she doesn't care. She has always stayed true to herself and that's what I like to see in a blogger. Her posts on controversial topics are always a great read and if you're after decent tweets on your timeline then Leanne is your girl. Also if you have a spare moment, take your time to read through her jaw surgery documentation as she is one brave lady and her story should be read by everyone. 

This girl, man. She is so frickin' sweet. I have so much hair envy for her tangerine mane and I'm not joking when I say as soon as I can afford to bleach the black mess on my head and gain the lumo orange, I am SO doing it. #hairspo She also wears chokers which means I have to love her, she fan-girls as hard as I do and anyone who collects toys is an angel in my eyes. Heather hasn't been active on her blog for a while but I always find myself checking back to her old posts and again, you've got to support the Northern bloggers.

LLYMRS is the queen bee blog of the blogosphere. Lily has been there from the start and all you have to do is type UK fashion blogger into Google and she's one of the top searches. Her style is effortlessly cool and her 'IDGAF' attitude is a reason why she's loved so dearly. She displays the same realism as Zoe (which makes sense as they're mates) and she's not afraid to hold her tongue if there's something she disagrees on. Lily is such a wizz when it comes to editing too which is evident from her blog but also from her Youtube account. I can only dream of being able to publish videos one day (when I actually suck it up and start a Youtube account) to the standard that she does. 

Lucy Rance @ Lulutrixabelle has the most eclectic taste I've ever come across. She pairs everything with anything but still manages to absolutely work it. She really doesn't care what people think or how they perceive her and this is so evident in her outfits. She oozes confidence and she's such a sass pot. Lucy is the only person I think who could pull off such crazy and colourful outfits, and don't get me started on her thriftiness! I never mange to find anything decent in a charity shop or a car boot sale but Lucy manages to discover absolute gems. Oh and she's a dab hand with a sewing machine. 


  1. thanks for the list - always looking for some new reads. big fan of zoe as well!

  2. I love Victoria! She's great. I'm glad to see how quickly her Youtube channel has blown up! She's so sweet and gorgeous! And her accent is sooooo adorable! Lovely blog by the way :)

    Keep in touch!
    Jen xx

  3. Love Lily, she was the first blogger i started to follow! Lovely post xx

    Abi |


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