Sunday, 16 November 2014

Style inspiration | Taylor Momsen

First of all I'd like to say that there has been a little over a 2 week gap between this post and my last which unfortunately wasn't intentional but ~ real life ~ got in the way which included university assignments and priorities took the upper hand. I do plan at some point to get some form of posting schedule going as I'd like to stick to this blog and make posts regular. (I'm talking as if someone is actually bothered about what I'm saying.) Anyway..

Any one who knows me, well or not at all, will know that I am deeply infatuated with the mega babe that is Taylor Momsen. To be honest, I have never been a fan of Gossip Girl; it just doesn't tickle my pickle with there being a lack of fantasy and/or violence, but I had always kept up to date with Miss Momsen due to the badass style she's always shown. It was however as soon as Taylor joined the music industry and introduced the band The Pretty Reckless that I began to really take note.

Taylor depicts the term 'hooker chíc'. She's famously known for wearing underwear as outerwear, teaming ripped stockings with 7 inch platforms, sporting PVC & leather galore and rounding everything off with the permanent bitch face.

The best part about most of Taylor's outfits is that they're really easy to recreate. My wardrobe is filled with mini dresses, ripped jeans, over sized graphic tees and lots of fishnet and faux-leather although I am yet to step into the corset and PVC hot-pants combo she was seen wearing to the Justin Bieber 'Never Say Never' premiere. All in due course though, I'm sure.

Taylor's iconic exaggerated eye make-up and dominatrix-esque chokers have also become a staple piece for hers (and my) wardrobe. Team the look with some blood red lips and you're good to go. If you do want to have a go for yourself at recreating Taylor's look I'd advise eBay as the best source of products. A lot of places these days are a bit dodgy when it comes to what they're selling due to recent fashion trends so eBay and a sex shop will be your best friend with this. Alternative-footwear are also your best place for Demonia boots as they seem to house the most reasonable prices on the web. I'm finally splurging after Christmas and buying myself 2 pairs. Me and Taylor are the same height so if she can pull off the lanky look then so can I.

If I could be bothered to make an effort on a day to day basis then I'd totally dress like this ALL the time. I mean when I go out out I try my best to convey her style in some form but for the rest of the year I find PJ bottoms and a dressing gown are my thing. I wish they were deemed socially acceptable to leave the house in. Someone really needs to make that happen.


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  2. i love her edgy style although i wouldn't pull her whole look i do like to incorroperate bits if her style! great post and fab blog!!

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  4. She certainly has her own individual style going on which she rocks incredibly well. Although I wouldn't rock her entire wardrobe I do love her oversized graphic tees :D X

    1. Yeah her style isn't to everyone's taste but I think a lot can take different pieces from her wardrobe and make it their own :) x


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