Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fashion wishlist | Christmas Edition

1 -  SKIRT / 2 - FLARES / 3 - CROP TOP / 4 - T-SHIRT / 5 - DRESS

It's very rarely that I buy myself new clothes (or anything for that matter) - I either would rather spend money on something else, can't afford to, hate the stress of going out and browsing rails or there simply isn't anything I want - however with it being that special time of year where you are allowed to treat yourself or you demand to be spoiled I thought I'd conjure up a handful of wishlist posts over the next few days to show you what I reckon you should all buy me. 

Starting with fashion/clothing.. I've wanted a red tartan mini skirt for a while now but nowhere seems to do the style that I want until I came across this particular one at Attitude Clothing. The flares from Rokoko for Asos are something completely out of my comfort zone but I was immediately attracted to them, Very Steven Tyler. Bell bottoms are another need for my wardrobe (I'd been looking at the black lace ones that a few people have been sporting) so hopefully I manage to bag a pair for next Summer. This 'Burger Queen' cropped baseball tee from ShopJeen appears on my Instagram feed multiple times a week and I've decided it's a do or die purchase because how perfect is it. I love ShopJeen's items- they're definitely a recommendation if you're after something unique! I'm also a sucker for a graphic t-shirt. Forever 21 have upped their game within the last year with retro inspired and comic print clothing and this TMNT is no exception. There was a classic character Marvel print skirt being sold a few months ago and by the time I got round to ordering it had sold out. Unfortunately it's at ridiculous prices on Ebay now so looks like I'll be going without. GUTTED. Lastly I adore this Missguided dress. I often tie plaid shirts around plain dresses but there is the ever failing issue of it falling it down, so what's better than a dress with the shirt attached!? Love the styling of the combination of fishnet tights too.

(I feel like such a tit when I'm talking about clothes. I really don't know what I'm talking about.)



  1. Loving the turtles top! I think my boyf would like me even more if I wore that, he's always been obsessed with the TMNT haha. Great wishlist xx

  2. Burger queen looks amazing I need it hehe . xox


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