Hey! I'm Lou and this is my blog 'Lola Spooks'.
Everyone tends to call me Lou but my other half has took to calling me Lola (after Agent Coulson's car) which is where the first half of the username derived from. As for the other half, your guess is as good as mine. There is no hidden meaning behind the word 'spooks' but I do enjoy horror, Halloween and watching Supernatural & Buffy so I guess it's kind of fitting? It was just a word that stuck when we were suggesting a url and it's gone from there. Make what you will of it really!

I am currently 22 years old and residing in Nottingham whilst studying a Film & Television degree in Derby, although originally from the North-West (I've spent most of my life between Manchester and Merseyside.)
I have aspirations of working within the Hollywood film industry, preferably screenwriting. I dream to one day be working with the likes of Quentin Tarantino or helping with a script for a Marvel Universe adaptation.

I'm obsessed with celebrity culture and fan-girl at too many things. I  live for Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. I am also animal mad and have more pets than I do underwear.

I have no theme to my blog. I would class it as a personal style blog as anything posted is in preference to my taste but many things posted may have some reference to film, even if it's a fashion post!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my random postings!

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